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01-07-2016 | Josep Bagur

This magazine, dear visitor, constitutes the greeting with which the MENORCA newspaper welcomes you to this island that, due to its strategic position in the western Mediterranean, awakes each day to the first rays of sunshine to reach Spain.

An island that sails between the eastern coasts of Spain, the south of France, the north of Africa and, to the east, faces the Italian islands of Corsica and Sardinia.

Being the meeting point and crossroads of civilisations and cultures, the Menorcans have witnessed constant changes of government and domination, which have left their mark on the whole of the island's geography. Menorca is an extraordinary open-air museum, that at present – for the richness of its archaeological heritage – is applying to be declared a World Heritage.

This land of contrasts was created by God to man's measurements. And it has been human action that has modelled its countryside, thanks to agricultural activity, backstitched by a mesh of stone sinews that are the dry-stone walls.

Menorca today is much more than stones and wind, as it was described years ago by Mario Verdaguer. Conscious of the desire aroused in visitors who wish to uncover secrets, it offers much more than sun and beach. Many attractions in a natural environment that accepts the sustainable development of Menorca, Biosphere Reserve. It is the only island in the Balearics that is distinguished by this recognition that was endorsed by the UNESCO Men&Biosphere Committee.

Here you will be able to practise active tourism and that of nature, cycling tourism and equestrian tourism on a path that goes around the coastal perimeter, the Camí de Cavalls; your body and wellbeing will benefit from a healthy climate and environment; you will enjoy the gastronomic richness and culinary tradition. On this island, pleasant and peaceful, you will see your privacy and intimacy respected. You will find tranquility and peace.


Welcome to Menorca.

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